Public Information and Protection

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 7 million people die every year due to diseases caused by air pollution, and 9 out of every ten people in the world breathe polluted air. Furthermore, air pollution is accepted as the most significant environmental health threat and ranks 6th among the world’s causes of death, outdoor pollution, and 8th place indoor pollution. Therefore, air quality monitoring is a vital part of preventing health problems.

With the proliferation of sensors and cloud technology, people’s access to data is getting more accessible, and as societies grow, their expectations from public authorities expand tremendously. For example, in many places worldwide, citizens are concerned about the air they breathe and demand access to information about their air quality. Cost-effective air monitoring systems are an excellent tool for adopting behavior change and preventive habits for pollution reduction while helping to reduce public concerns.

Airqoon’s mission is to make air quality data accessible everywhere. The Airqoon sensor units enable the reference network to increase and expand while providing more spatial and temporal data.