Public Information and Protection

Air pollution is one of the most severe threats to human health and ecosystems. The adverse effects of air pollution on human and environmental health have been well-documented by the World Health Organization (WHO). Air quality monitoring is therefore critical for a city’s sustainable development. It is difficult for cities and municipalities to detect changes in air quality. Additionally, Insufficient measurements make it difficult to monitor all city areas at once.

Airqoon addresses these problems with its hyper-local air pollution monitoring solution. The platform provides real-time data from the sensor units and historical data from fixed stations on an interactive map that can be accessed through a web or mobile app. Users can view their air quality anytime via the app and make informed decisions about how they want their city to grow over time.

The Airqoon monitoring system is a critical communication key in supporting behavior change and the adoption of preventative habits.

Airqoon’s mission is to make cleaner air for everyone, everywhere. It brings together world-class talent, cutting-edge technology, and real-time air quality data to provide people with the information they need to take action and fight climate change.