Assessing the Impact of Investments on Green Tech

In the cement, mining, and oil&gas industries, it is essential to keep an eye on the impact of investments because it directly affects the air quality of nearby communities.

Green transformation makes it essential to know how much energy used in the facilities is obtained in the green context. Since we cannot monitor carbon emissions in the air, it is possible to understand how much change green investments made in energy transformation and other areas have created by scanning air pollutants. When carbon emissions decrease, air pollution also decreases. Facilities can manage their environmental contribution by measuring and monitoring air quality more widely in their area of responsibility.

The Airqoon solution provides real-time, data-driven, actionable environmental intelligence by accurately assessing pollution levels around production sites. Airqoon uses low-cost hardware and software to monitor real-time emissions from factories and power plants. The solution monitors multiple sources of pollution at once and provides detailed information about each source’s location, type, and amount of emissions. The data collected by Airqoon can be used by companies to evaluate whether their investments positively impact the environment.