Perimeter Monitoring to Assess the Environmental Impact of Industrial Facilities

One of the environmental management responsibilities of industrial facilities is to keep environmental pollution under management. Ecological resources are utilized in all production processes, and production residues, mainly gases, are emitted into the environment. Manufacturers must continuously improve their production processes to maximize quality while minimizing costs and environmental footprint. Protecting workers and surrounding communities from air pollution and dust is essential to healing.

Air quality monitoring aims to detect and control on and off-site fugitive emissions of air pollutants. An air monitoring system is used to reduce the potential exposure of surrounding communities and employees and to comply with the recommended guidelines. By continuously monitoring the environment, manufacturers can manage air quality and its environmental contribution and detect leaks.

Airqoon’s monitoring system consists of two components: sensor units mounted around an industrial facility and a cloud platform that aggregates the data collected by these sensors and translates it into useful information.